Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer Cookouts!

I absolutely love "entertaining" at our house! Having people over for food and fun times is one of my favorite parts of the summer! About a week ago, Matt asked me if we could have over a few of the guys that he works with at the fire deparment and their families. Well of course I said YES!! By the time Friday rolled around, a few had turned in to "a lot" of guys from the department. By Saturday morning, I was informed that we would have a blow up waterslide set up out back. One of the guys owns some inflatables and he had to go pick up the waterslide before he came over to our house. Why let a good inflatable waterslide just sit on the back of a trailer, when it could be put to good use, especially when you have a bunch of grown firefighters who act like kids around! If you have ever been to our house you know that we live in a townhome and have very little "yard" so it was quiet interesting seeing this HUGE waterslide out behind our house. The thing was taller than our deck!!

Before the cookout, Matt took a few of the guys to his fishing spot on the Hooch to do a little trout fishing. They only lasted about 2 hours in the FREEZING cold water, but we did see 4 IDIOTS jump into the river from the TOP rails of the bridge that goes over the river. At least there were 4 EMT's on site to help the morons! Luckily, they judged their jump accurately and did not get hurt! I was so nervous seeing them jump though! I do have to say though, I was a little disappointed that I didn't have my camera out to catch an "action" shot of their stupidity! It would have made a cool picture!

I was glad to finally be able to put a face with all of the names that Matt comes home talking about and is always on the phone with. This group of guys have done some serious bonding over the past 6 months. I am sure that their bond will only grow stronger as they head to into the fire academy next month. Everyone was so much fun to get to know and hang out with last night! I am sure that we will be hosting more "firefighter" parties in the future.

This is a picture that I took last week when we were there, but this is the bridge that the idiots were jumping off of. They climbed all the way up to the very top to jump!

Casey, one of the guys caught the only fish. He gave it to Jacob so he could take care of it. We ended up releasing it because Jacob said he really didn't want it to die.

Casey and Drew braving the freezing water!

Jacob was not about to get in that water, so his dad Charles came the rescue!

I love black and white pictures!

Matt, Drew, and Casey

This picture just cracks me up. Casey looks like a giant!

I absolutely love black and white landscape photo's. I want to get 8 X 10's of some of my black and white landscape pics to hang in our house. I just haven't taken the time to do it yet. Jacob still didn't want to get in the water!
What a doll!
Here is just a small portion of the group watching people come down the waterslide.

Jacob loved it! He was the only kid on it.
You can see the deck railing in this picture, so you can tell just how big this slide was!

Matt playing with Reese.
Scott and Reese

Harley and Tiger were exhausted this morning after all of the excitement from last night! As always, they were a huge hit!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

More Wedding Photos

I finally got the wedding pictures uploaded to my shutterfly website. I narrowed them down to my 250 favorites! You can check out the link below to see all of them!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The wedding was a SUCCESS!!!

I know all of you blog followers have been sitting on the edge of your seat wondering how my first wedding shoot went! Well, in my opinion, it was a HUGE success! I typically get pictures uploaded to the blog, facebook, and my website within 24 hours, but this was not my typical amount of pictures! In the 3 hours that I was there, I took over 800 pictures. I am just waiting for my computer to crash from the amount of pictures that I have uploaded!! I was asked to photograph the wedding in 2 formats, jpeg and RAW. RAW picture files are about 5 times larger than regular jpeg files, therefore they take about 5 times as long to upload and 5 times as much "space" on your computer! I am downloading all of the pictures from the wedding onto CD's so the bride and groom can take them to get prints made. Since the files are so stinking big, I can only fit about 30-40 pictures per CD. You do the math. 800 pictures and only 40 pictures fit onto a disc...that is about 20 CD's!!! There has got to be a better way of doing this, but I am just going to stick with what I know for now!

The biggest challange during the ceremony was that NONE of it was in English!! The entire ceremony was in Spanish. It was also a traditional Catholic Mass. I grew up in a Southern Baptist Church, so I do not know the order of a traditional Catholic Mass Wedding. Since the entire ceremony was in Spanish, I had NO idea what was going on! I just kept snapping pictures, hoping that I did not miss a "key" part of the ceremony. Another challenge was that the ceremony was held in a small chapel, so there was not a place for me to stand where people were not looking right at me. I was not able to get at the "back" of the church to take pictures, because there was no back!

Here are some of my absolute favorites from the night.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hanging out on/in the Hooch!

Matt and I found an awesome new hang out spot last night. A friend of mine told me a while back that there is a neat park on the Chattahochee River in Suwanee, but we had never went to check it out. Today Matt and Kale decided to brave the FREEZING cold temperatures in the water and try to do a little trout fishing. They were numb and did not catch anything, but we all had a grea time! You all know me....of course I had my camera with me! Here are some of the shots that I snapped.

On a side note....I have been asked to photograph my first wedding tomorrow night. It is just a small family wedding in Marietta. I am SUPER nervous, but excited at the same time! Wish me luck! Hopefully you will see pictures posted later this posted = successful shoot!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Family Pictures

When Haley and the boys come to visit, they always get pictures of the 4 kids made, so we had a "photo" shoot in the Dorminy's front yard this morning. The kids were anxious to go swimming, but they were cooperative for the most part! Here are some of my favorite shots from this morning!

Anna, 6 Cate, 3 Cooper, 3 Owen, 6

Cooper and his beautiful eyes! LOVE THEM!

"Snaggle tooth" Owen
Sweet little Cate

I can't believe how old Anna is looking these days! She's really growing up!

Haley and Owen

Sweet brotherly love

Matt & Haley with their mom, Jonnee

Notice that Cate isn't around....she decided she would rather play with the bugs and was finished having her pictures taken.

The kids all ran over to Cate to try for 1 more group picture...not perfect, but it will have to do!
Haley and her boys