Sunday, April 12, 2009


We spent Easter at my grandparents house in Toccoa. Here are some pictures from the fun day with the family. We took a family field trip to the pasture out back to take a look at the "old house." This is the house where my great grandparents lived and also where my mom spent the first few years of her life.

The family Easter picture.

Karson and his best buddy....Uncle Kale

A Dorminy family Easter picture.

Kylie with her pouty face on because nobody wanted to play soccer with her.

The "Old House"

Yep, this is definitely a good old fashined outhouse that my grandfather turned into a shed. He's pretty crafty!

Benji could use a good hair cut and bath.

The pasture out back.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Kick Off to Spring Break 2009

Well, spring break 2009 has officially begun! Matt and I packed the camper up Friday afternoon and headed up to Hart State Park on Lake Hartwell. This has now become my favorite place to camp. Those of you campers should make it a point to add this park to your list of places to visit. Matt and I liked the city of Hartwell so much that we have added it to our places to consider moving, if we ever decide to get out of Gwinnett County!

Friday afternoon we set up camp and got everything ready for the weekend. Saturday morning we went to the office to check in and saw two of the biggest snakes I have ever seen. They were in aquariums in the campground office. I was so creeped out!! Later in the day we took a trip into town and explored the surroundings around the campground. Sunday was chilly, so we spent a lot of time hanging out and napping in the camper. Since we were just laying around, I decided to start the book Twilight. I had heard that it was really good, so I made sure to bring it with me. I started the 500 page book around lunch and ended up finishing it before I went to bed Sunday night. I really like to read a good book, and this was one that I could not put down. I actually got the second book in the series today and plan to start it tomorrow! Monday morning, thankfully the wind did not blow us into the lake. It was howling though! The camper was shaking like crazy. We packed up fairly early and headed home.

We are currently participating in a Biggest Loser competitiion with several teachers from my school, so we had to watch what we ate on this camping trip. That made it a trip like no other! No smores! No hotdogs! No hamburgers! No chips! It was rough, but I really felt better eating our grilled chicken and pork sandwiches with carrots. We also made sure to get more exercise this trip than we normally do. Our typical exercies routine while camping includes walking to the bath house or getting up to get a snack! This trip we hiked the nature trails, we jogged around the campground, and we rode our bikes. I guess as an adult, you forget what it is like to ride a bike, but it really is painful! My rear end and legs are still recovering.

I will be sure to update on what the rest of SPRING BREAK 2009 brings for the Dorminy's!

Here is the redneck riveria leaving out of Suwanee. For those of you who have seen the Robin William's movie RV, this was our "BIG OL ROLLING TERD!"

The dog's don't ever have a lot of room when we go camping because we like to bring the entire house with us!

Our boys LOVE camping! Luckily, Harley did not have any mishaps this time! He didn't even have to take and Benadril!!!

My absolute FAVORITE camping meal! This time, we had 2 slices of turkey bacon instead of a pack of real bacon, Egg beaters instead of half a dozen real eggs, and a 2 pieces of wheat toast, instead of a loaf of Texas Toast! It was still YUMMY!

Harley wanted to know what was for dinner!

The Savannah River at the Hartwell Dam.

Harley was determined to get some of our food at each meal!

Tiger was so shivering so much this morning that his ears were shaking. We had already packed all of our blankets, so Matt gave him his fleece pullover. It fit him nicely.

Birthdays, birthdays, and more birthdays

I have fallen behind on my blog updates lately. I really need to get my priorities in order! We started our trail of birthday celebrations the last weekend in February with Kylie's 5th birthday party. The following weekend was Matt's sister, Cathy's birthday. Then it was Kamden's 1st birthday. The fourth weekend of parties was for my grandparents and the last weekend was my mom's. Here are some pictures from all of those celebrations!