Wednesday, June 22, 2011

17 Week Update

I went back to the doctor on Monday for my monthly visit. For those of you that don't know, my midwife is also my cousin!! How cool is that?? She's sort of giving me special treatment because she does an ultrasound at every visit so we are able to really see how much the baby grows each month! It's amazing!! She had told me that we should be able to see if we are having a Baby He Dorminy or a Baby She Dorminy at our latest visit. After about 30 minutes of trying to get the baby to cooperate, we finally got a couple of sneak peeks! It looks like we are having a girl! The baby had her legs tightly crossed at the ankles for almost the entire visit. Dianne said she was about 80% confident that it was a girl, but that she just didn't get a good enough to be 100% confident! I told her that we weren't going to be going out anytime soon to buy paint or anything! For now, we are planning on a baby girl!!! We also got a picture of her with her hand fully opened. Matt said she was already asking daddy for money!

I go back for my next appointment July 18, so we will get to take another look at her! We will also go to the specialist for our 20 week ultrasound on that same day. There they will look at the chambers of the heart and all the organs! It is absolutely amazing watching this baby grow!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011


I have taken quite a break from our blog, but I AM BACK!!!!! I was so busy with graduate school and regular school since January that I had put the blog on the backburner! Now that we have a little on on the way though, I figured I better get the blog back up and running! That's right, I said a little one is on the way!!! Just in case you aren't on facebook or haven't heard the news elsewhere, Matt and I are having a baby! I am due November 27!! I go back to the doctor next Monday and we are hoping to find out if it is a boy or a girl at that appointment!!! I'll keep you updated!

I am not going to go back and update you on everything that has happened with us between January and June! You will just have to wonder what we did for those 6 months! I'm starting out with the post below about our vacation to Jekyll Island. I will try to keep the blog updated more often now that it is back up and running!!!

I know you have missed me!!!!

Jekyll Island

Matt and I promised each other a while back that we would see the beach and the ocean this summer no matter what!! It had been too long since we had taken a real vacation to the beach! We went to Jekyll Island for 4 nights and had the most relaxing time! If you have never been to Jekyll, you should definitely give it a try! There is absolutely nothing to do on the island except play on the beach, fish, or ride bicycles!! It's a great place to go for a short vacation! Two of the main reasons that we always choose to go there is because it is such a short drive (only about 5 hours) and the beach is dog friendly! Tiger and Harley absolutely love the beach! Tiger loves to run in circles in the sand and Harley loves to ride the waves in the ocean! A fair warning to anyone who may try Jekyll for the first time, on the North end of the island (where the condo that we always stay in is), there is only about 4-5 hours of beach time! When the tide comes in, the beach disappears. It's perfect for us though, because Matt loves to fish at high tide, so he just stands on the stairs that lead down to the beach and fishes off of them! The middle and south end of the island have beach all the time, but not the north end.

We ate some yummy seafood while we were at the beach. There are only 12 restaurants on the island. We ate at the #1 rated restaurant two nights in a row....that's not really saying a whole lot though because the #6 rated restaurant on the island is Dairy Queen (which has a really good breakfast by the way!). The seafood was really good though!

We saw so many raccoons while we were down there. They were everywhere (including in the trashcans at our condo!)
This is Harley's "I love the beach" face!

The car ride down to the beach wore the dogs out.
I would like to know who rated this beach the "5th Most Romantic Beach in the World." It's definitely unique and beautiful, but romantic.....not so much!

Holding hands on the "5th most romantic beach."

All of the rocks were put on the north end of the island to protect the beach from eroding. It's actually really pretty when the tide is hitting the rocks.
Our "low country boil" dinner of Wednesday night.

Matt's sister, her husband and their 2 girls came down on Friday morning for the weekend. The girls enjoyed watching Uncle Matt fish for sharks from the stairs.
She's so stinkin cute!
Matt caught about 10 sharks in the 3 days that he fished from the stairs. These sharks were in about 2-3 feet of water and were about 2 - 3 1/2 feet long! He caught a really big one the first day. It was probably about 20 lbs!
The dogs enjoyed the air conditioning in the condo during the day. Tiger just stood at the window waiting on us to come in from the beach each day!
Fletcher was the only one that caught something other than a shark.
The north end of the island at high tide.
Anna and Eric playing in the pool.
Cate loved hanging out under the little waterfall in the pool.
A little windy, but we actually remembered to get a picture of the 2 of us!