Thursday, December 30, 2010

A visit from Utah!

Matt's sister, Haley and the boys were scheduled to fly in from Utah onChristmas night like they usually do, but the Georgia Snow didn't allow that to happen! They were able to make a flight a couple of days later though! I know I say this every time they come to visit, but I absolutely love seeing Owen and Cooper! They get so much bigger every time we see them! It is fun to see the cousins get together and play with each other! Hopefully, Matt and I will be able to go out to visit them in Utah sometime this spring!!!

Cooper trying on Uncle Matt's fire helmet!
Cate is such a little ham! She LOVES to pose for the camera!
Cousins: Cooper and Cate!

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Another Christmas has come and gone!

I cannot believe that another Christmas has come and gone! It is always makes our house seem so much bigger once all the Christmas decorations are gone though! I can't believe that I didn't take any pictures at my grandparents house this Christmas, so the only ones that I have to post are of me and Matt on Christmas morning! As I said in my last post, Matt had to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. He ended up getting home around 7:30. We headed straight to the Waffle House for breakfast and then to Starbucks for a coffee. Afterwards, we came home to open gifts! Matt went overboard with his gift buying (like he typically does at Christmas!) This year, he bought me a new Apple Laptop. I LOVE MY MAC! He picked out a computer especially for my photo editing. It is awesome! I got him a PS3 for Christmas and he says that it is the best Christmas gift EVER! Men will never be too old to play video games!

Santa came to visit the doggies!

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Chrismtas Eve Eve

Growing up, we always had our "Family Christmas" on Christmas Eve. We would go out to dinner then open up all of our wrapped gifts to each other. Then on Christmas morning, Santa would come (he never wrapped anything at our house). Well, this year Matt has to work on Christmas Eve (today). Mom said that she didn't feel right having Christmas without Matt, so she suggested that we move it to the 23rd this year. We had a delicious dinner and then opened our gifts. It was nice having it on Christmas Eve Eve, because I have been able to get the house straighted again and get things put away before we do it all again tomorrow. Please keep Matt and all the others that have to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in your thoughts! It's easy to forget that not everyone gets to be with their family over the holidays! As always, I took 200+ pictures, but here are some of my favorites from the night!

The photo resizing software that I use has put a watermark on all of my pictures for some reason today. Not sure where that came from!
Mom's beautiful Christmas tree

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Graduation Day FINALLY Arrived!

Well, the big day finally arrived!!! We have been looking forward to graduation day since January 25 when this DeKalb Fire adventure began. Matt has worked so hard these past 11 months and I am so proud of him! I never really understood just how hard it was to become a Firefighter until this year. They have studied and had more tests than I ever had in college. Today, all that hard work finally paid off! The guys (and 1 girl) received their badges, helmets, and diplomas today at the graduation ceremony. Tomorrow Matt will be working his first 24 hour shift. He is at station 9 off North Druid Hills Road in Decatur. Keep an eye out for Truck 9 on the news, because that is where he will be riding! Here are some of the pictures of our exciting day......oh yeah, today is our 5th wedding anniversary too! We truly had a lot to celebrate today! Thank you for all of your prayers and support through this training year! Please continue to pray that God will keep this crew safe as they go out into the "Real World" of fighting fires.
Just a quick funny story to tell: We took Matt's uniform pants to a little Asian lady in Suwanee to be altered. When I went to pick them up this week, she said with her little Asian accent "You husband a police man?" I said no, he is a fire figther. She chuckled and said "Oh, fire job!" She repeated herself several times. "fire job!" Then she said "When I think of firefighers, I think of calendars!" She really gave me a good laugh!

Matt receiving his helmet, badge, and diploma.

Here are some of our good friends that we have made during this journey. Crystal had just finished pinning Brian's badge.

Matt waiting patiently for the ceremony to end!
How cute is this........this little boy got to have the honor of "pinning" his dad! It was precious!

Matt and the rest of the guys taking the "Firefighters Oath"
Kendra and Danny, another couple that we have become very good friends with.

Matt with his 2 brothers, Brian and Fletcher (today was Fletch's birthday too!)

Me and Matt after the ceremony

Matt with his mom, Jonnee

Part of "The Gamg"
More of the gang.
His equipment and uniform are stacked and ready to leave out bright and early tomorrow morning!