Sunday, October 7, 2012

2012 Georgia Race for Autism

Every year my school supports the Georgia Race for Autism.  Matt and I usually sign up to volunteer, but I figured that may be a little difficult with Raegan this year, so we signed up for the 5K!  I love how our family comes out to support the event too!  Kylie spent the night with us Friday night, then got up early Saturday ready to race.  Mom, Matt's mom, Matt's sister, and her two girls all came out for the 5K.  After about mile 1, the girls were worn out and mom slowed down her pace to walk with them.  Then, just as they got near the finish line, they took off running and left mom in the dust!  I was not really worried about my "time" and let's just say that we were finishing the 5K with some of the 10K finishers  (we all started at the same time!).  We joked around with the kids about how Mom had to practically drag them and then when it came time to announce the winners......KYLIE GOT 2nd PLACE in her age group!!!  We laughed and laughed!  She was really excited to "win" though!  Matt's mom placed 1st in her age group as well!  She was in it to win it!  It was lots of fun! The fair afterwards is always fun too!  

Me and Kylie getting ready to start!

Raegan was ready for her first 5K too!

Kylie and Anna after crossing the finish line!

Kylie receiving her awards!

The Sugar Hill Elemenetary crew!  We have such a great administration that supports us in all that we do!  We are truly blessed!

Matt's mom receiving her awards!


Rae just had too much fun and could not stand it anymore!

Sleeping with her legs cute!

The face painting guy was AMAZING!  I think I say that every year, but he was just a teenager and was freehanding all these great designs!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

We spent our afternoon at Burt's Farm in Dawsonville today.  We have had early release the past 2 days and our principal gives teachers the option to work until 6:00 one day, then leave at 12:30 the next day.  I took her up on that offer so that we could enjoy Burt's with a lesser crowd!  Raegan absolutely LOVED all the pumpkins!  She was quite the center of attention at the farm.  Random people were taking her picture standing in the middle of all the pumpkins!  She was PRECIOUS!