Saturday, May 30, 2009

Myrtle Beach

Matt and I took our first vacation to the beach in several years!! We only stayed for 3 nights, but at least we got to see the ocean! It had been way too long! I got us a great rate in Myrtle Beach through Neither of us had ever been to Myrtle Beach, so we thought it would be a fun adventure. It turned out that our cheap room was quite wonderful! It was small and your typical hotel room, but had an awesome view! We decided that we really liked Myrtle and will plan another trip there! Our only complaint was with their restaurants!! What is up with all the ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFETS? Matt sort of has a "Buffet Phobia" and I don't really enjoy them either. We did find some really good seafood at Murrell's Inlet. On our last night there, we ate at this beautiful oceanfront restaurant called Damons. It was an amazing view! Only seafood! They specialized in ribs! What oceanfront restaurant serves ribs??? Other than eating, we spent most of our time out on the fishing pier. The pier was part of our "resort," but a lot of the locals had fishing passes. They said that they come out there every single day to fish!! Lots of Spanish Mackrel were caught and several baby sharks. Our favorite part was watching them clean the fish and throw the "scraps" back into the ocean. As soon as the scraps hit the water, sharks swooped up and started circling waiting on more to be thrown in. It was really pretty scary to think that they were so close to the shore. These weren't little sharks either! I've posted a video below of them. Our hotel lined up with the Myrtle Beach airport, so we also got to watch lots and lots of planes take off. My favorite part of the plane viewing was at night when the military cargo planes and jets would take off. They flew over about every 30 minutes and were so low that they barely cleared the hotels. We tried to get some video of them too, but since they were taking off at night, you can't really see it. If you are looking for a new vacation spot this year, we would definitely suggest Myrtle Beach (especially if you like buffets!)

Our cozy and cheap little hotel room at the Springmaid Resort!

The view from our balcony.

The view again.

I took this picture for Matt. He really liked this guys shirt!

Taking time for a little photo op on the pier.

The BEST crabcakes, cole slaw, and bread I have EVER had! They served little hushpuppy looking things before dinner, but they tasted like little balls of funnel cake! This place was absolutely delicious!!! It was in Murrell's Inlet, about 12 miles outside of Myrtle Beach.

Sunset view from the pier.

Matt posing with the planes at Warbird Park.

Me posing with the "Dawg Hawg" at Warbird Park.



More sharks!! This one was much smaller though. The guy was so excited to catch it!

Check out the coloring in the sky. The left side is orange/red and the right side is blue. It was really wild looking!

I enjoyed going to all the little tacky beach shops. I asked Matt if he wanted to go anywhere, and this was his pick. The Discover Mills Bass Pro is much nicer, but it was still fun to go check this one out!

Our last day sitting out on the pier and catching some rays!

Our last night at the beach! Sad times!

Here is the video of the sharks. Everyone gathered around when the fishermen started to clean their fish. The sharks did too!

Here is the video of the military cargo planes flying over us. You can only see their lights and hear them, since it was dark out.

Memorial Day Parade

It just would not be Memorial Day without the traditional Dacula Parade! It is always a great kick off to the summer. Here are some pictures from the parade!

Kylie being silly, like always!

Karson was waiting patiently for the parade to start.


and more tractors!! Only in Dacula are the tractors the biggest hit in the parade. At least there weren't any lawn mowers in it this year!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Party Time!

Mom planned a graduation party for Kale on Saturday at Harbin's Park. We had perfect weather and some delicious food! Here are a few pictures from the day!

The "Grill Men"

Aunt Martha, Aunt Linday, and Morgan taking a look at the photo albums that mom and I put together.

Granny and Grandaddy enjoyed sitting back and watching all the action.

Granny Powers and her friend came out to enjoy the party!

Kamden.....just chilling!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kale's Graduation

Where has the time gone? I cannot believe that Kale graduated from high school today! Dacula High School, Class of 2009!! As I was sitting at his ceremony this morning, I started thinking that I can't believe that it has been 10 years since I graduated! Time really does fly! Kale's graduation ceremony was held at the Gwinnett Arena. I wish that I could have gotten some better "up close" pictures during the ceremony, but the zoom just wasn't powerful enough. Oh well! We got plenty of pictures afterwards. We all went to lunch to celebrate at Ippilito's. Then I had to head back to work for the rest of the afternoon. We're having a party for him on Saturday, so there will be plenty more pictures to follow to commemorate his HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION!!!

Here is a clip of the graduation where Kale gets his diploma!!

There he is waiting to be called!!

The Class of 2009!! Time to CELEBRATE!

I just loved the look on Karson's face in this picture!

Kale and Megan after the ceremony.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Summer time is almost here....

I am super excited that summer is almost here! We have 3 more days with the kids and then 3 work days (all of which I am sure will be more than crazy!) I absolutely love my job and the kids in my class, but I am always ready for a break. I get two weeks off, then I start summer school.

These are just 5 of the 13 boys that keep my laughing and on my toes each and every day. Maybe next year, I will try to post a quote of the day from some of my boys.

Here are a few conversations/quotes I have gotten from some of my boys over the past five years:
Student:"Mrs. Dorminy, I won't be at school tomorrow. My mom is taking me to the Marcus Center to find out if I am autistic."
Me: "Great, let me know how that goes."
Student: The following day walks in class and gives me a thumbs up and says "Yep, I am definitely autistic."
The next day, the student was walking down the hallway wildly flapping his arms by his side.
Me: "What in the world are you doing with your arms??"
Student: "Well, I heard that autistic kids flap."

Scenario: Sitting in classroom waiting on busses. Matt had came early to visit.
Student: "Mr. Matt, your girlfriend (talking about me) is over there carrying that heavy box and you are just sitting there."
Another student: "Mrs. Dorminy, if Mr. Matt has a girlfriend, I will go get you my twenty-two shotgun."

Scenario: Sitting in classroom waiting on busses.
Me: "You better make sure you are watching for you bus, because if you miss it, you will have to come to my house and help me walk the dogs and clean the house.
Student: "What's for dinner?"

Scenario: My parapro and I were having to restrain a child because of his behaviors.
Me: "Once you stop kicking and screaming, I will let go of you."

These are just a couple of examples of the laughs that I get every single day of the week. I love my kids and I love my job!


We took Tiger to Star 94's Petapalooza at Suwanee Town Center Park today for a few hours. They had all kinds of things set up for all the four legged friends that were there. I have never seen so many dogs in one place at one time. Tiger was a little overstimulated for a while, but he got used to it by the time we got ready to leave. Harley had to stay home because of the heat. There were a lot of other bulldogs that came out to enjoy the fun, but not Harley!

We saw small dogs,

Fluffy dogs,

Olde English Bulldogs,

and a some really tall dogs!

Tiger was pooped after all the Petapalooza fun!