Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We're expecting....

to have a beautiful yard this spring and summer!!! HA I GOT YA!! I know what you were thinking. I currently know 19 women that are pregnant and at least 4 that have had a baby in the past month! CRAZINESS! Okay, back to the yard! During our crummy luck last summer, our tree in the front yard died (due to the landscapers carelessness with the mower!) This weekend we bought a new tree to plant. It looks really sad right now because it is so tiny compared to all the other trees on our street. We have an area behind our house where we cannot get anything to grow. We have planted numerous azalea's and other bushes, but they always die. This weekend, we sprinkled over 30,000 wildflower seeds to see if they will take. Our back yard may turn into a jungle by the summer, but we will see. That is just how much excitement that we have going on right now. I am blogging about our yard! I know you will sleep better tonight after reading this blog entry!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

We have heard....

We've heard that after a dog gets neutered he gets lazy. I really didn't think that it was possible for Harley to get any lazier, but maybe it is. Last night we were going to let the dogs out front one more time before we went to bed. Tiger went bouncing down the stairs, but not Harley. He collapsed at the top of the stairs and we could not get him to move. He sat there for at least 10 minutes without moving.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Every Dog Has Its Day

And yesterday was Harely and Tiger's. I know that if any of your "babies" were having surgery, you would be blogging out it and so am I. Matt dropped Harley and Tiger off at the vet yesterday morning to have them fixed. Matt was so upset, you would have thought that we were taking them to put them to sleep forever! He was not very pleasant yesterday morning, to say the least. Well, they survived their surgery just fine and now carry a little lighter load in the back (if you catch my drift!). Once we got them home, Tiger started vomiting. Between 6:00 yesterday and 10:00 this morning he threw up 7 times) . Needless to say, Matt has been cleaning carpet most of the afternoon! We took him back to the vet and they gave him a shot to help stop the vomiting and injected an IV to give him some fluids. When they brought him back to us, he had these 2 camel humps on his back. It was really funny looking. The vet said that the fluids built up under his skin and that the humps would go away within 6 hours. When he walked, you could see the fluids swishing back and forth on his back. It was quite humerous. The vet also gave us some pills to help with the inflamation so when we got home, I mixed it with some food and he managed to eat all of the food and refused to eat the pill. I tried to put the pill in cheese and peanut butter, but he would not take it. Stubborn dog! They are resting well now and will be back in action soon!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Snowy Sunday

We throughly enjoyed our lazy and snowy Sunday!! Now I am just keeping my fingers crossed that the snow and rain turns into ice so there will be no school tomorrow! But who am I kidding? I work in Gwinnett County! We NEVER get snow days! Just let me dream!

We took the dogs for a very short walk in the snow this afternoon, but mostly enjoyed it from the comfort of inside the house! I enjoyed the day by cuddling up in my favorite chair with a warm blanket and a good Danielle Steel book (which I read all 320 pages today!). Tiger was my 65 pound lap dog most of the day, while Harley just sat at my feet for the day. I love lazy Sundays, especially when snow is falling as hard as it did today!