Wednesday, December 31, 2008


For those of you who are married, are about to get married, or think you will ever get married...this movie is for you!!! It has been out for a while, but I just took the time to go see it yesterday at the dollar movie theater in Lawrenceville. It is coming out on DVD later in January and will be one that I without a doubt purchase! It was produced by Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, GA (the same church that produced Facing the Giants, another incredibly inspiring movie!) We all need to "Fireproof our marriages" in 2009!!!!

If you have already seen the movie, what did YOU think of it???

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas at the Dorminy's

The day after Christmas, we headed to Matt's parents house with the pop-up camper in tow. Matt's sister, Haley, and her 2 boys flew in from Park City, Utah on Christmas night. We had a blast with Owen, Cooper, Anna, and Cate. They had so much fun playing together and chasing each other around. I really enjoyed getting to spend a couple of days with Haley, Owen, and Cooper since we don't get to see them very often. Anna and Owen had a "camp out" with us and slept in the camper Friday night. They thought it was the coolest thing ever! Here are several pictures from our Christmas celebration at their house! There are a couple more new posts following this one.

Christmas Day

Matt woke me up super early on Christmas morning. He was worse than a little kid. We got ready and headed out to the Waffle House for a Christmas morning breakfast! Then we came home and opened our presents. Santa did come visit the pups. They loved all of their new toys and treats.

Around lunch, we headed to Northeast Georgia Medical to visit my grandmother (she is still there recovering from her triple by-pass
surgery that she had a few weeks
ago). Then we headed up to Toccoa to spend the rest of Christmas day with my moms family. We had over 50 people at my grandparents house. It was another great Christmas!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve with my family. We had dinner at Longhorns, then went back to my moms to open our gifts. The kids got lots of fun toys. Kylie loved her "Fur-real" dog. She named him Snowy River. Kamden just sat back and enjoyed the action while we all tore through presents!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A little Pre-Christmas fun

On Sunday we had a Christmas dinner at my mom's house. My dad's birthday was on Christmas day, so we always had a special birthday dinner for him a few days before Christmas. We have continued this tradition even though he is no longer with us. This year, Kylie and Karson got to open an early Christmas present. They were so excited! I can't wait to watch them open all of their presents tonight! (We always open all our gifts on Christmas Eve and Santa comes with unwrapped surprises on Christmas morning). It is so much fun having kids around during the holidays!!! Their excitement is contagious!

Tiger was just hanging out this morning waiting on Santa to come!
There will be lots more to share after tomorrow!!! Have a very Merry Christmas!!!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Goats and Christmas Parties

Who da thunk it?? These goats actually live on the roof of this store appropriately named "Goats Of The Roof." The store/tourist attraction is in Tiger, Georgia. Matt and I headed up to the Christmas Party at Uncle Ray's and Aunt Martha's house early on Saturday just so we would have time to stop by and feed the goals. For the small price of $0.25 you can make these goats day by sending some feed up to them. I was absolutely entertained for a really long time watching the goats on the roof! They have a huge playground, several bridges, and 3 houses! If you are ever up that way, you need to be sure to stop by and feed them!

After we finished hanging out with the goats, we headed on up the mountain into Clayton for the Christmas party. Aunt Martha and Uncle Ray have a breathtaking view from every part of their new home! Here is the waterfall that you see just as you turn into their neighborhood. If you haven't noticed from all of my previous posts, my family is VERY close. We get together numerous time throughout the year. When we are all together, there is probably close to 50 of us (that's just grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins on my mom's side of the family). The Christmas Party at Martha and Ray's is one of my favorite family get togethers.

Every year we have a Christmas ornament exchange at this party. Three years ago, the family got together for the party the day after Matt and I's wedding. They all brought an extra Christmas ornament for us so our "first Christmas tree" wouldn't be bare. I've got such a thoughtful family! This year, Martha switched things up and did a "Something you don't want anymore" gift exhange. There were lots of creative gifts brought. Matt and I came home with 3 very lovely silk ties and a cork board that looks like a mitten. They are both very nice!

Here is Kale with his gift from the party. He opened his gift to find a cute purse with Santa on it! Mom, I think I know what you may be getting for Christmas!

Martha and Ray, Thanks for hosting another wonderful Christmas party! I think we broke your house in pretty good for you!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Little Bit of Everything

I put up our outside Christmas decorations Wednesday since the weather was so nice. But before we could put our stuff up, we had to get rid of our pumpkins! Tiger and Harley absolutely LOVE playing with pumpkins! Here are some pictures of them chasing and destroying them.
It's not Christmas without the traditional pictures of the tree/house decorating process.

Harley has a thing for fresh cut Christmas trees. Every year when we put our tree up, Harley can be found slowly prancing around the tree. He walks really slowly around the tree while sniffing it. We've decided that he gets high off of the smell! Here he is doing his "Christmas tree walk."

On Thursday, we started our day in Dunwoody with Matt's family. We had a delicious Thanksgiving lunch! I took a few pictures before we ate, but then forgot to get my camera back out. After we ate lunch, we hit the road to Toccoa to visit with my family. Here are a few pictures from Thanksgiving day!

Friday, we did our annual black Friday shopping spree. We started out at 5:30. Matt and I ditched mom and Kerri around 5:30 pm. Twelve hours was enough for us, but they kept going! Then Saturday, we all got together at Kerri's house for a day of baking Christmas goodies! We made chocolate covered pretzels, haystacks, puppy chow, trail mix, coconut balls, pecan muffins, and several other goodies! Karson wanted to help out in the kitchen a lot while Kylie worked on art projects all day.