Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Little Bit of Everything

I put up our outside Christmas decorations Wednesday since the weather was so nice. But before we could put our stuff up, we had to get rid of our pumpkins! Tiger and Harley absolutely LOVE playing with pumpkins! Here are some pictures of them chasing and destroying them.
It's not Christmas without the traditional pictures of the tree/house decorating process.

Harley has a thing for fresh cut Christmas trees. Every year when we put our tree up, Harley can be found slowly prancing around the tree. He walks really slowly around the tree while sniffing it. We've decided that he gets high off of the smell! Here he is doing his "Christmas tree walk."

On Thursday, we started our day in Dunwoody with Matt's family. We had a delicious Thanksgiving lunch! I took a few pictures before we ate, but then forgot to get my camera back out. After we ate lunch, we hit the road to Toccoa to visit with my family. Here are a few pictures from Thanksgiving day!

Friday, we did our annual black Friday shopping spree. We started out at 5:30. Matt and I ditched mom and Kerri around 5:30 pm. Twelve hours was enough for us, but they kept going! Then Saturday, we all got together at Kerri's house for a day of baking Christmas goodies! We made chocolate covered pretzels, haystacks, puppy chow, trail mix, coconut balls, pecan muffins, and several other goodies! Karson wanted to help out in the kitchen a lot while Kylie worked on art projects all day.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Picking the perfect Christmas tree is such an important job! Apparently, my family has never thought that there were any suitable Christmas trees in Georgia, so we have to drive to Franklin, North Carolina every year to cut down our tree!!!! We have made so many memories up at Mincy Tree Farm! For the past 15+ years we have made that drive to find the perfect "Griswald Family Christmas Tree." This year was no different! Here are lots of pictures from our mountain adventure today!!!!

The 2008 "Dorminy Family Christmas Tree!"

Matt loves getting down and dirty when cutting our tree down. What a good husband!! We also spotted some bear tracks along the trails!

Kylie wanted to hug her new tree to welcome it to her family. Once Kylie did it, Karson had to do it too! "My turn, Kylie it's my turn!!"

Check out these cuties!

Fun and silly family pictures!

On the way home from Franklin, we stopped by Aunt Martha and Uncle Ray's new house on Lake Burton. We arrived just in time to help them move some furniture in. The house is absolutely beautiful and has the MOST amazing view!! The only problem is that that stairwell going to the bottom floors twists and turns therefore you cannot move the big furniture down the stairs. Uncle Ray can solve any problem though!!! All of the furniture had to be hoisted over the top floor deck and lowered down to the deck below! Creative (and a little scary)!!

The girls and kids stayed warm by the fire while the men did all the heavy lifting!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fall Pictures

Matt and I had some fall pictures taken today after church. We have never done the "matching" thing, but this morning we matched perfectly, so I couldn't resist! Kale was a wonderful and patient photographer! Who would have thought that my mom's yard would have made such a great background!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Oops, I forgot one!

I forgot to put this picture on my post from our camping trip at Fort Mountain. This is my favorite picture from this weekend! No questioning who Harley's father is! Can you see the resemblance? There are more pictures from our weekend in the post below!

Fort Mountain State Park

Matt and I just got home this morning from a 3 night camping adventure at Fort Mountain State Park. We had such a great time! If you ever want to go "leaf looking" in the fall, head up to Fort Mountain in Chatsworth, GA (it's about 18 miles outside of Elijay). It was absolutely beautiful!!! We set up camp in the dark Friday night, so when we woke up on Saturday morning we could not believe how beautiful it was! Saturday we watched the Dawgs get their butts whooped on a 13" tv. On Sunday, Mom and Kale came up to eat lunch with us and to celebrate Matt's birthday. Last night as I was in the camper watching Desperate Housewives (again on the 13" screen), Matt starts screaming for me to look outside. I was hoping that he had spotted a bear (we had been warned that they were on the move this time of year up there), but it was not a bear, it was a SNAKE! I hate snakes more than anything! They totally creep me out and I have nightmares about them, so for me to even post this picture takes some courage!

Matt's birthday breakfast sandwich! It was too hard to pack a birthday cake, so I improvised!