Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kylie's 5th Birthday

I can't believe that Kylie turned 5 this week. It truly seems like it was just last year that we were all anxiously awaiting her arrival and now she is 5 years old! Thursday night we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner then back to her house for cake and ice cream and to open gifts.

Then today, she had her party at Monkey Joe's with what seemed like 50 of her friends (there was really only like 20 of them). The kids had a great time jumping, sliding, and climbing all over the place! It was hard to catch a good picture of them because they were running everywhere! Happy 5th Birthday Kylie!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sims Lake Park

We took advantage of this beautiful Saturday and took the dogs to one of Suwanee's newer parks, Sims Lake Park. There were people everywhere picnicking, taking pictures, walking the trails, and playing at the playground. I ran into a couple of my Sugar Hill friends while we were there. As always, Harley and Tiger were big hits! People kept stopping us to pet them and laugh at how loud they are. By the end of the walk Harley was totally worn out. There was another bulldog at the park today too. Of course we had to take a picture of the 3 bulldogs together!

Here is another picture of the boys waiting on us to get home this week.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day brunch/lunch

Several years ago, Matt's mom had everyone come over to have a Valentine's Day brunch. We start the morning by endulging in bagles then we exchange Valentine's cards for everyone and read your cards aloud as you open them. This year, the brunch turned into a lunch and we had pizza! Here are some of our pictures of the Valentine's party at the Dorminy's!

On a totally seperate note. As we came home on Friday, Tiger was anxiously awaiting our arrival. We turned onto our road and saw him staring out our bay window. The picture does not do it justice. He was so cute standing there!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

In the spirit of Valentine's Day.....

I thought I would take a moment to share the most romantic thing Matt has ever done for me. He really is quite the romantic type (in case you didn't know that about him). The most romantic thing he has ever done though was back when we were first dating. We had only been dating for about 8 or 9 months. I was student teaching at Oglethorpe County Middle School, which was only about 10 minutes from Matt's families land. I had planned to meet Matt at the land for an afternoon of fishing and exploring after I got out of school. Around 3:00, I got in my car and headed out to meet him. Once I got there, Matt had the golf cart waiting and told me to hop on. I didn't think anything of it, because we took numerous golf cart rides every time we were at the land. As we were driving along one of the trails, I spotted a single rose laying on the ground. Matt stopped and told me to grab it. We continued along the trail and a little while later, there was a Bath and Body Works goodie bag sitting on the trail. As the golf cart ride continued, I collected a few more flowers, a stuffed animal, and purple piggy bank that said "Queen's Funds" on the side of it, and some other little things. Overall, I had a ton of surprises! Matt told me that there was one more gift for me and he stopped in front a tree that had a red ribbon tied around it. The ribbon was holding a blue velvet box. I almost fainted right there. I could not believe that he was proposing so quickly. I had known since our first date that we were going to get married, but I didn't expect him to be proposing out in the middle of the woods. He saw that shock on my face and quickly assured me that it was not what I had thought in the box. It was a ring, but not a diamond ring. Inside the box was a beautiful saphire ring. It was the most incredible date ever! We then went back to the cabin where Matt cooked me an incredible dinner of dove and quail. That last sentence really made us sound like rednecks! But that is what we always eat when we go to Oglethorpe County!

Now it is your turn, blog about your most romantic date/moment with your significant other!

Here are a couple of pictures of us at the land taken in our early days!

Monday, February 9, 2009

I was tagged

I was tagged

I was tagged by my friend Miriam. I have to tell 6 different facts about myself that most people do not know, then tag 6 other bloggers.

Here are the rules.
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules.
3. Tell 6 things about yourself.
4. Tag 6 other bloggers by linking to them.
5. Go to each person's blog and leave them a comment to let them know they've been tagged.

Here are my facts:
1. I love to take naps, any time of day. Morning, Noon, Evening, I don't care!
2. I, like Miriam, started Kindergarten at Dacula Elementary (1/2 days) and graduated from Dacula High School. I never had to change schools growing up!
3. I knew that I wanted to be a special education teacher when I was in Mrs. Davidson's class in the 4th grade. She always had me take a fellow student who had learning difficulties out in the hallway. I knew from that point on that I would also enjoy working with special educaiton students!
4. Matt and I are Mexican food junkies! We eat Mexican at least once a week, but usually two times!
5. I have an absolute FEAR of going to the dentist! I went for the first time in 3 years last month. I get so sick at my stomach when I walk into their office!
6. I LOVE to bargain shop! Very rarely do I buy clothes, shoes, things for the house, etc, unless it is at least 50% off! Just ask the girls that I teach with! I can get some amazing deals! My best deal lately was buying 4 pairs of pants at New York & Co for just $15.00. Yeah, that's right, 4 pairs for $15!!! I love BARGAINS!

Now I am tagging: Stephanie, Amy, Donna, Anne, and Kerri

Play along if you want!

Happy Birthday Anna!!

It is truly hard to believe that just 5 years ago, there were no nieces and no nephews in my life. Now, I have 7 with another one on the way! I can't believe how fast 5 years has flown by! We celebrated Anna's 5th birthday on Saturday. Haley and the boys were able to surprise everyone by flying in for the day. I love seeing Anna, Owen, Cate, and Cooper together playing. The 4 of them have more energy and never seem to slow down! I hope you had a wonderful birthday Anna!!!!

I am not sure what has been going on with my pictures lately. They don't show up when I an creating a post. Sorry that there is no organization or notes about the pictures! It's all messed up! Any ideas?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My First Craft Fair

I was a vendor at the Taste of Dacula and Craft Bazaar last night! It was my first time attending a craft fair as a vendor, so I will really excited about it. I didn't do so hot in the money making business, but at least it was a fun expereience!