Friday, November 2, 2012


I have literally been thinking about what Raegan was going to be for her first Halloween for the last 10 months!  I wanted her to be something unique that not ever other baby would be dressed up that is where my pinterest search began!  I found this super cute pin of a penguin costume and I was hooked!  There was great tutorial on how to make the costume and I think it turned out pretty cute if I may say so myself!  It even had a zipper in the back!   I tried it on Raegan several times before Halloween night and she would not have ANYTHING to do with keeping the hat on.  I guess the excitement of the night made her forget all about it though!  We had many people tell us that she had the best costume of the night!  and may other people say that "he" is the cutest penguin ever!  I guess it is sort of a boyish costume, but she totally rocked it!!!!  

 Waddle, waddle, waddle.....she has started walking!!!  Rae did not want to be carried at all, she was little miss independent penguin!  I can't believe she is WALKING!!!!  

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